The "Padurea Domneasca" (Princely Forest) Scientific Reservation was established in August of 1993 with a total area of 6,032 hectares. Located near the Balatina Village, it represents one of the oldest forests from the Prut basin and from the entire territory of the Republic of Moldova. The Prut is dressed in the green of this forest on area of approximately 60-km. It is typical forest of the Prut's holm meadow, even though the holm meadow is no longer present after construction of a dam and formation of a reservation, Stînca-Costești.

The "Princely Forest" Reservation represents a real museum in the natural environment and is beginning to be transformed into a natural scientific laboratory for research in the reestablishing of biodiversity. In order to preserve the reservation, visitors are required to have a permit that is obtained from the territorial unit of the State Association of Forestry "Moldsilva".

ANTREC-Moldova is a non-governmental, apolitical and non-profit organization that promotes rural, ecological and cultural tourism in Moldova from 2000. ANTREC-Moldova is the first professional rural tourism association in our country, that have created a network of guesthouses. The positive results obtained by ANTREC, throughout its activities, is due to our team: country's top specialists involvements in the fields of culture, ethnology, history, law, economics, ecology, crafts, etc.