From a multitude of unforgettable landscapes of the Nistru Valley exists the infamous Ţâpova, a natural pearl without which we cannot even imagine the Nistru Valley. Situated on the Right Bank of Old Tyras (currently known as the Nistru) between the villages of ”Horodişte” and ”Ţâpova”, the natural reservation has within its area a blunt stone bank of the Nistru River along with the charming canyon of the Ţâpova Little River.
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The Raşcov Complex includes the western side of Dealul Roşu (The Red Hill) near Raşcov Village and has a total surface area of 123 hectares. It is a classical representation of the cave phenomena in the Republic of Moldova. Here a narrow Karst fissure measures 50 m deep, 5 m wide and 500 m long. Excavators consider this fissure a cave heaven.

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The Rudi Arioneşti Reservation is located 10-15 km from Otaci Town on the right bank of the Nistru River and includes within its limits three paths covered by forests with a total surface area of 916 hectares: Rudi, Arioneşti and Tătărăuca.

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"Cobani Village” is known as the oldest locality on the territory of the Republic of Moldova documented and attested in 1374. Near this village along the Camenca Little River we can find one of the most impressive natural monuments in the entire Republic of Moldova: ”Toltrele” of the Prut River. They are geological formations specific to the upper Prut zone and a unique presence in all of Europe.

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”Valea Adâncă” is a geographical configuration situated in the north east part of Rascov Village with a total surface area of 214 hectares that includes paths with rocky banks not easily accessible. An abundant forest that opens at a green island and leads toward the Nistru River covers the entrance of one of these paths, exactly in the centre of Rascov Village near the Catholic Church of St. Rostan. With high banks of 150-180 m and steep cliffs, the path winds like a serpent through massive limestone. Every bend offers you a different scene each of a distinctive nuance.

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ANTREC-Moldova is a non-governmental, apolitical and non-profit organization that promotes rural, ecological and cultural tourism in Moldova from 2000. ANTREC-Moldova is the first professional rural tourism association in our country, that have created a network of guesthouses. The positive results obtained by ANTREC, throughout its activities, is due to our team: country's top specialists involvements in the fields of culture, ethnology, history, law, economics, ecology, crafts, etc.