The forest reservation of the Beech Tree Region was established in 1991 in order to protect the unique and exemplary Beech Tree. The region has a total surface area of 5,642 hectares and is in the northwest centre of Codru. The reservation holds on its territory the Bâc River and other springs.

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The Prut River was named as Gerasus by Ptolemeu, Porata by Ammian, and Pyretus by the old Greeks is the second greatest river flowing through the Republic of Moldova. Its spring originates in the Ukrainian Carpathian Moun tains at an altitude of 1,600 m and flows into the Danube River near Giurgiulești Village. From a total length of 976 km, 695 km of the river stretches throughout the territory and contains within its valley two important natural reservations: the Princely Forest and the Lower Prut.

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The "Prutul de Jos" Reservation was established in 1991 on a total area of 1691 hectares. Is located in the Down Prut River’s basin and includes between its borders the Beleu Lake and its meadow.

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The Raut River is the largest tributary of the Nistru River and the third longest river in the Republic of Moldova. Its spring originates near the Rediu-Mare Village and flows after 286 km it flows into the Nistru River near Ustia Village. Near Orhei City the Raut River forms an amazing and beautiful path between some old Moldovan villages and old architectural vestiges from the Moldovan Middle Age.

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Taraclia Village is located on the slopes of the Ceaga River in the Căuşeni region. It is renowned for the numerous gullies that converge in the valley. A famous gully, situated in the southeast of the village, constitutes a natural monument. Its value derives from discovered fossils prehistoric animals living here millions of years ago. 

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”Saharna Village” is located 6 km from Rezina Town near the river of the same name. Any traveller who stops here and tries to cross its path will be greatly rewarded for his effort.
Since long ago, the renown of the Saharna path stems from the monastery «Troiţa», which was established here in 1776 by Vartolomeu Crivorucica.
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”Stînca Mare”, the most southern reef in the Prut Valley, is situated near ”Cobani Village” and has a length of 1000 m and a height of over 20 m. The Camenca River surrounds the reef from three sides. Within the reef we can discover numerous rare species of plants and animals. An important and distinct ecological site, in 1988 the Ecological Movement of Moldova saved it from destruction.

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Following the road from the Prut Valley between Brănești. and Cobani Villages, we find the landscape reservation named "Suta de Movile" (A Hundred Mounds). This is a unique phenomenon in the space between the Prut and Nistru Rivers. In reality, the mounds are much more than 100 as there are over 3500. They occupy an area of about 1072 hectares, with a length of over 8 km and a width between 1,7 km and 2,3 km. Their heights range between 1,5 m and 30,5 m. The most famous is the Gypsy Mound”.
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ANTREC-Moldova is a non-governmental, apolitical and non-profit organization that promotes rural, ecological and cultural tourism in Moldova from 2000. ANTREC-Moldova is the first professional rural tourism association in our country, that have created a network of guesthouses. The positive results obtained by ANTREC, throughout its activities, is due to our team: country's top specialists involvements in the fields of culture, ethnology, history, law, economics, ecology, crafts, etc.